Protect Your Equipment

Start with industrial tank coating from Coast 2 Coast Coatings

Storing materials is an essential part of running an industrial plant. You want to protect the integrity of stored chemicals and their containers. That's why Coast to Coast Coatings, Inc. performs industrial tank coating throughout the southeast US. We'll line the inside and outside of your tanks to provide long-term protection from corrosive materials and outside elements.

Learn more about our industrial coatings now by calling our Headquarters in Newton, AL office at 334-793-9238.

Avoid leaks due to damaged tanks

You'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to your plant. A minor mistake could lead to a complete standstill in production. You can avoid tank-related issues by using our protective coatings.

Industrial tank coating is ideal for:

  • Keeping the material within tanks free of rust
  • Protecting acid-holding tanks from corrosion
  • Preventing UV and fall out damage to the outside of tanks

No matter what type of chemicals your tank is designed to hold, you'll need industrial coatings to protect them. Consult one of our team members in Dothan, AL today. We also serve clients throughout Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee.