Reinforce steel and concrete with less expense and possibly without downtime.

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Plants and Mills are hard on tanks, pipes and structures. Over time corrosion and decay is a certainty. Replacement can be very costly. Let the professionals at Coast to Coast assess your facility needs to determine if Carbon Fiber is a viable solution. We'll help you identify weak spots, engineer a solution, then apply carbon fiber reinforcement as needed. All at a lesser cost and disruption of replacement.

Update degraded assets to original strength

Carbon Fiber provides reinforcement to a wide range of substrates, including carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and concrete, bringing it back to or exceeding its original strength. Whether the job requires a small patch, pipe wrap or tank coating, Coast to Coast will apply Carbon Fiber accurately so you do not have to worry about further corrosion or loss of structural integrity. We can provide internal or external applications, with most external applications completed while your facility is online.

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