Cleaning, Protective Coating, Lining, Dust Mitigation Solutions to Restore and Protect Industrial Equipment and Facilities

Coast to Coast Coatings, Inc. has the experience, knowledge and equipment needed to restore and protect industrial and governmental equipment and facilities throughout the U.S.

Our capabilities are enhanced by our 40 years of experience in restoration, cleaning, protective coating and lining, and by our ownership of the equipment needed to get each job done right and on time.

We handle jobs large and small, and are capable of establishing on-site maintenance operations at your locations. Our services are used to restore and protect steel equipment and structures, concrete, pipelines and building exteriors. We also provide dust mitigation to reduce the risk of combustible dust explosions.

Coast to Coast Coatings - Capabilities and Services

Coast to Coast Coatings - Capabilities and Services

  • Tank linings, coatings and secondary containment systems
  • Industrial coating of steel structures, equipment and machinery
  • Plural Component coatings
  • Ceramic "safe-to-touch" insulative coatings
  • Roof and siding cleaning and painting
  • Blast mitigation design and installation
  • Dust prevention, control, mitigation and cleaning services
  • Waterproofing
  • Lead abatement
  • Asbestos abatement or encapsulation
  • Structural strengthening and reinforcement of concrete and steel
  • Concrete repair and restoration
  • Floor and aisleway coating and striping
  • Pipe labeling and color coding
  • Fireproofing

Surface Preparation for Enduring Corrosion Control

Surface Preparation for Enduring Corrosion Control

We approach each project with the aim of giving your equipment longer life. That starts with the right surface preparation.

Our preparation methods are selected to create the optimal surfaces for coating or lining for corrosion control, while meeting environmental or other considerations of the project site.

Surface Preparation and Cleaning Options Include:

  • Dry or Wet Abrasive Blasting
  • Hydro Blasting
  • Soda, Dry Ice, Sponge and Vapor Blasting
  • Pressure Washing

See Our Work page for project photos, including before-and-after pictures, as well as case studies.

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